Thursday, January 13, 2022

Pickup lines

 She: So I like to cuddle at home on the couch.
He: So you cuddle all by yourself? That's not nice! Maybe you can invite a guy you know to cuddle with you?! I know a very nice reliable guy that would love to cuddle, actually he is looking for someone to cuddle with himself. Would you like his number? :))


BE CLASSIC; Look her in the eye and say, "Let's go somewhere we can be alone."


BE PLAYFUL: Smile slyly and say, "I'll come over if you promise to make me pancakes in the morning." This gives her the opportunity to say no to one part of the request--hopefully the pancake part.


BE PLAYFUL: At her door, cough a bit and say, "Wow, I'm parched--how about inviting me up for some herbal tea?" Any similarly corny and transparent excuse here should work.

Getting Your Girl Talking About Herself on an Emotional Level: this is covered a little bit in the piece on conversational technique tips and tidbits. Your main focus in conversation should always be on the woman, and the main focus of a focus on the woman should be on her strong emotional topics – childhood, dreams, past relationships, goals and aspirations, things that are currently exciting her or frustrating her in life right now. The reason why this is is because sharing strong emotional topics is what makes someone feel deeply bonded and connected to another person. If your aim is to get a woman feeling connected to you at a rapid clip, this is ultimately how you do it.

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What moves a connection forward are the things that a woman FEELS strongly about – her dreams, her relationships, emotional things about her life or people she lives or works with or things she loves to do, and occasional stories by you that allow her to see how you embody the kind of things she is looking for emotionally (adventure, security, romance, edginess, whatever it may be).

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Do a little cold reading. After she’s told you a ton about herself, this is easy to do. You basically take what she’s told you and summarize it back to her. For instance, she tells you she likes travel and sports, and you tell her later on when you guys are talking about personality or characteristics or whatever that you know she loves adventure and excitement and trying new things, and that doing the same thing over and over is boring to her and she needs new stimulation. Then watch how stunned she looks that you already know her better than just about anyone else in her life. Obviously, this requires actually paying attention to what she's saying...

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She reads Cosmopolitan.
She loves to cuddle.
She can cook.
She is thinking about making more money to help her parents.


Meet her needs. The next step toward bedding a girl after identifying her needs, of course, is meeting them. No, not like that -- not yet, anyway. I mean showing her how you can meet her needs -- without expressly telling her.

This'd be like the difference between the used car dealer just throwing you in a decent sports car and asking you how you liked it afterwards, and the used car dealer priming you first by asking you if you'd like a car that handles really well, if you'd like a car that accelerates quickly, if you'd like a car that feels good under your fingertips and gives you a sense of control and a command over the road that's hard to match -- and then putting you in the sports car and saying, "Here's the one I've got that I think will most closely match what you're looking for." You'll start driving it, and you'll say to yourself, "Wow. This is exactly what I want!"

You should actively seek to personify in yourself the things that the people around you need. If one of your friends needs a rock to lean on because he's going through hard times, you're a rock. If your buddy needs someone to tell him he's being an idiot because he is, you tell him he's an idiot and to knock off the idiot thing he's doing. And if a girl you're with needs a sense of adventure, excitement, Meet her needs. The next step toward bedding a girl after identifying her needs, of course, is meeting them. No, not like that -- not yet, anyway. I mean showing her how you can meet her needs -- without expressly telling her.For a bit of an idea on how to do that specifically, see "The Conversationalist.


Are you still making any of these 6 mistakes?

Mistake #1 - Most guys don't understand girl fun.

Mistake #2 - Most guys struggle to cross the physical gap.

Mistake #3 - Most guys don't challenge girls.

Mistake #4 - Most guys are afraid to voice their own opinions.

Mistake #5 - Most guys are too available.

Mistake #6 - Most guys don't get sexual.