Tuesday, January 25, 2022

No Program icons after virus

Use responsibly!  

I've seen this virus a couple times... It runs attrib and hides almost anything in the userprofile folder
(%userprofile%). Unfortunately, in my experiences, ANYTHING in the public profile (i.e. AllUsers) is
permanently removed, and even trying to run file recover tools like recuva, restorator, or anything that
searches for and undeletes files, doesn't seem to find any evidence that it was ever there.
I usually open the command prompt (start, run, cmd) and run the following commands

cd %userprofile%
attrib -h *.* /S /D
cd %allusersprofile%
attrib -h *.* /S /D

this should recover any program icons that were specific to the user, but I'm certain that anything in
the "All Users" folder will have to be restored manually, or through re-installation of the programs.
Somebody might know better than I do though. Use responsibly!