Thursday, January 13, 2022

Facts about vaccines

1. 2 weeks to stop the spread... its been over 18 months
2. wear the masks it stops the spread.... they do not
3. lest lock down to stop the spread... coof spreads like the wildfire after lockdowns implemented
4. wear masks and social distance until we have the vaxxxine... we have the vax for 9 months yet masks and distancing is still demanded even if you got the jab
5. if you get the vaxxxen you will not get the coof...ok, you get the coof but you will not spread it.... ok, after the jab you will still get the coof and still be spreading it but at least you will get a milder symptoms.. ok, you might get the milder symptoms but you might also die from the coof even if vaccinated
6. 2 doses of vaxxx and we all be fine... 9 months later... umm its time for boosters

So as you see, facts are not quite on your side friend and the goalpost keeps changing as we loos more freedoms and governments become more totalitarian.. but please stay gullible and believe what the paid shills on the tv tell you is the "truf"