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Beat a Speeding Ticket Tip: How To Act When Pulled Over for a Speeding Ticket


Plead my case for the speeding ticket:

Beat a Speeding Ticket Tip: How To Act When Pulled Over for a Speeding Ticket

When asked to pull over, park the car at the side of the right lane, maintaining quite a good distance from the cop. Don’t panic. Remember to be composed and respectful. Courtesy and politeness help if you want to beat a speeding ticket. You may start to ask the officer for a little consideration and that you don’t like to waste his time. Tell him that you will be more cautious and that this occasion serves as a warning to you. There is nothing wrong with asking for a little favor. He might just give you one.

In case, your plea falls on deaf ears, there goes your speeding ticket. Examine the ticket thoroughly for any errors that are not favorable to you. This situation will certainly dismiss the case when presented to the judge. Don’t refuse or forget to sign the court hearing citation. An unsigned court order will put you behind bars.

Beating a speeding ticket in court is a long and tedious process. Expediting the legal process to beat a speeding ticket can be expensive. In addition to legal fees, insurance premiums go up and a demerit is stamped on your license.

How To Act In Court if You Want to Beat a Speeding Ticket

When the day of your court appearance comes, go to court earlier than the scheduled time to allow you ample time to talk to the clerk and the officer who issued the speeding ticket. Look your best. When you see him, make a nice approach, and again ask him politely if he can do something about it like dismissing the case. The cop can actually ask for a dismissal.

If he still does not grant your request, the court hearing proceeds. Work your way then with the judge. Establish yourself as a credible and good citizen. When the plea of guilty or not guilty is asked, do not plead guilty. Then, you may request for an extension or rescheduling. Delaying tactics can be employed here. Make it a point to request for the maximum allowable time to delay the process.

If you get the opportunity to ask the officer a few questions to test his memory, at the time when the speeding ticket was issued, do so. The goal is to turn the table in your favor and building the doubt on the judge’s. When this happens, the judge then dismisses the case.

The sure way to successful beat a speeding ticket is to avoid getting it in the first place. This simply means full consciousness and awareness of the law. Drive cautiously and conscientiously.”

“Usually there is a form you can submit requesting that, at least here there is. The judge will review it and make a decision without seeing you.
Otherwise, just showing up in court may help you enough, if you get a nice judge that is.
Show up, dress appropriately – you would be surprised at the amount of people who wear flip flops or tank tops, the judge is always harsher on them- so show some respect and dress nicely. Take it seriously and be honest. Don’t say you have never sped before, don’t even bring it up. I doubt it’s true, but either way it’s hard to believe and a judge hears it all day long I can promise you that. So skip that part and just tell him you made a mistake, and listen to what he says. He wants to be heard and wants you to acknowledge what he is telling you.

Between showing up, dressing nice, being respectful and honest, and your driving record he will probably give you a break. Good luck.”

“Just remember to speak with the prosecutor before your hearing and ask him/her to ammend the charges….PLEASE
Don’t forget to dress respectable.”

“How to Fight A Ticket

I'm sharing with you today some strategies and steps to fight tickets in court. Courts vary from city to city, but in general speeding & traffic tickets work the same way. This is a very creative approach, and can often leave the judge and police officer stunned when you present these facts. You can save a lot of money by representing your own case in court, but you assume all the risks involved.

1. The first thing you do is go to the county clerks office and ask to see the oath of office for the police officer who issued you the speeding ticket or any other ticket. The officer's name will be on the ticket.

The clerk should have the officer's oath of office on file. Also while you are there ask for the municipal Judge' s oath of office.

If the officer DOES NOT have an oath of office, then you can bring this up in court.

2. When you get to the court, dress nice. Though legally this has no impact, it can make a better impression on a judge. There will probably be a lot of people in line, to make a plea on their tickets and speeding tickets. When you get to the judge do not plea yet even though they will seem like you want to. Say "I want to make sure this is a court that is under the United States constitution right?" The judge will most likely answer yes. This single question is the first real step in getting your ticket dismissed.

3. Ask the judge if you have the right to a fair trial by a jury of your peers as stated in the constitution. At this point the judge will most likely answer yes because a ticket is a criminal offense. The judge may seem puzzled by your questions or pursue you to plea. DO NOT plea.

4. Ask the judge if he/she thinks that you will have a fair trial if there is a conflict of interest against you in the court room.

The judge will either answer "No" or say "what conflict of interest?". If they say "what conflict of interest" I would pursue the question again. "I am positive in this court room there is a large conflict of interest against me, do you think I will have a fair trial in such a case, if you do not, I will show you the evidence of my statement".

At this point the judge will most likely answer "No, not if there is a conflict of interest against you". With a conflict of interest, the court would have no right to give you a trial for a speeding ticket, any ticket, or any criminal offense.

5. Ask the judge "Who do you represent".
They will say "I represent the State of _________"

At this point, take out the original speeding ticket or ticket, and say, "then I find that there is a tremendous conflict of interest here in this court. As the prosecution on my ticket is the "State of _________" which is the same entity as what you the judge represents by your own admission".

Basically the judge will see that the prosecutor (the cop) has the same representation in the court as the judge. Both "The State of _______"

This IS indeed a conflict of interest against you as a fair trial that they said you would have as mandated in the constitution. Pull out their oaths of office and tell them both that they have "Sworn to Protect and Defend the Constitution" and any act of giving you an unfair trial would be an act of Perjury against their oaths. Demand at this point your ticket be dismissed with prejudice.

6. If the cop or Judge do not have an oath of office from step 1, especially the cop, when you are up for trial, tell the judge that the officer has no oath of office as mandated by the constitution thus he is not a legal officer and your speeding ticket or ticket is invalid. Immediately demand it to be dismissed with prejudice. This dismissal will make sure that your speeding ticket or ticket will never be on your record or come up for trial again.”

·  In most jurisdictions, the police officer who gave you the ticket must show up for the court hearing.

·  If he or she fails to show, your case will be dismissed. Many times officers will schedule many court hearings on a certain day so that they can appear for all of them at once.

·  If you request a continuation (a change of date) you increase the odds that the officer won’t show up.

·  You usually need to do this in writing, and typically you will need to make your request several days in advance of the scheduled hearing.

·  You might see about choosing a court date that is closer to the holidays - this might increase the odds of your officer being out on vacation.

Request a copy of your motor vehicle record (MVR) from the state department of motor vehicles. Occasionally, clerical errors result in a dismissed ticket appearing on your MVR as a conviction. These can be difficult to clear up quickly (for example, when your insurer notices and raises your premiums), so it’s best to make sure your record is accurate. Telephone the court building and ask to speak to the Clerk's Office, or speak to someone who can verify that your case is paid, dismissed, postponed, etc.

Beat a Speeding Ticket – 8 Helpful Tips

Beating a speeding ticket isn’t as difficult as most people think. I have done it a handful of times.

Here are 8 helpful tips that can help you… 

Beat a Speeding Ticket

1.  Fight the Speeding Ticket

Only about 30% of people that get caught speeding actually fight their tickets in court. Being guilty of speeding doesn’t mean you can’t get out of paying the ticket. There are lots of strategies that you can use to save yourself a lot of money. 

Remember, most tickets don’t just cost you the face value of the ticket.  If you accept the ticket and pay the fine, you can also expect your insurance to jump an average of $25 or more per month.  This rate hike could last over 3 years!  Don’t just give away your money without putting up a fight. 

2. Be Respectful

Being rude or disrespectful to the police and especially the judge can drastically harm your chances to beat a speeding ticket. Being overly polite is the best approach. Make sure you refer to the judge as “Your Honor” or “Judge”. 

Most people are nice to people they like.  The judge is no different.  Showing respect is a great way to make yourself likeable. Every little bit helps. 

3.  Dress Appropriately for Court

- A suit and tie may not be necessary, but looking presentable to the judge is important.
- If you’re a guy, show up cleanly shaven.  If you have long hair, wear it up or in a pony tail.
- Take off your hat and/or sunglasses once you enter the court.
- If you have earings, take them out. In general, the less jewelery you wear, the better.
- Lastly, if you have a tattoo, try your best to cover it up. 

Again, a judge will be more lenient if he likes you. Your appearance is the first thing he or she will see. Make sure you give the judge a good first impression. 

4.  Identify the Method of Speed Capture Used

Before starting to formulate your defense strategy, you have to know which method the officer used to clock your speed.  It should be clearly stated on your ticket. 

Once you know this, you can start doing research online to prepare for your court date.  Most methods of speed capture (radar, laser, VASCAR, pacing, etc.) can be defended against.  All it takes is some good research. 

5.  Get a Copy of Your Driving Record

The first thing a judge looks at to get some background on you is your driving record.  The cleaner it is, the better.  Unfortunately, our driving records are littered with errors.  An error on your driving record can be very damaging when you’re trying to beat a speeding ticket in court. 

You won’t be able to clean legitimate stuff off your report, but you should at least know what is on it and dispute anything that doesn’t belong. 

6.  Get a Good Legal Research Guide

Believe it or not, there are people out there that have taken the time to do all the legal research necessary to provide us with information about beating speeding tickets.  They have already done the hours of legal research for us, so why not take advantage of their hard work. 

I have tried a couple of these in the past, but I found one called Beat the System about a year ago and it’s easily the most detailed one I have seen so far. 

It includes different defense strategies by speed capture method and lots of little insider tips to help you beat your speeding ticket.  In fact, the remaining tips below were things I learned from this speeding ticket research guide. 

7.  Increase the Chances of Your Officer Missing Your Court Date

Did you know that your ticket will be dismissed automatically if the officer that wrote it doesn’t show up for court?  This has to be the easiest way to beat your speeding ticket. 

Sometimes you just get lucky and your officer happens to be sick on your court date, but there are things you can do that will increase your chances of the officer not showing up.  You can learn all the details of this technique in the speeding ticket research guide I mentioned above. 

8.  Review Your Ticket for Mistakes

Make sure you review your ticket for obvious mistakes by the officer.  Small typos or minor errors won’t help you, but sometimes they make major mistakes that could lead to the ticket being inadmissible in court. 

There’s a detailed section in Beat the System regarding which ticket errors to look out for. 

I hope all of this information helps you fight your speeding ticket.  Good Luck!