Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Linux Hacking Exposed - Notes

 Linux Hacking Exposed

- attack NFS shares
- SQUID proxy (attacking proxy)
- Windows X System TCP port 6000->6003
- sniffers: tcpdump
- vulnerable scripts: count.cgi, php.cgi, nph.cgi, nph-test.cgi
- netstat -an command
- nmap -sT -O localhost

- setuserid programs run with the effective user ID that owns the file

cp 'which id'
chown root ./id
chmod 755 ./id; chmod u+s ./id
ls -l ./id

- find ways to abuse users with '.' in their PATH
- passwords stored in user files
- passwords stored in System Files
ex: /etc/ppp/chap-secrets file

- a tool for distributing administrative authority
- using sudo, is possible to grant specific users the ability to perform specific administrative tasks that normally require ROOT access

- symlink and hardlink attacks
- wc -l /etc/shadow